Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shopping - How To Accessorize This Fall

September 24, 2015

Hey everyone

Fall fashion is full on everywhere and I can't get enough of the latest styles. When one of my favorite luxury online retailers: Farfetch sent me a few collages with their take on the latest trends, I couldn't help but wanting to share them with you all. I'm absolutely going crazy over the Proenza Schouler striped bucket bag and lusting over these Maison Margiela tan boots

Continue reading for the latest must haves! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Outfit - Ethnic Fall

September 22, 2015

Hey everyone 

It is officially Fall, and I am welcoming the new season with a fall appropriate look that features colors that totally match it. It includes all the right elements for that seventies yet modern vibe.  I wore this outfit when me and Emiel attended his godmothers birthday last Saturday. We had tons of fun with his family and of course I ate way to much cake. I have been pretty good with my healthy low carb diet lately, but on birthdays like these, I am like a spoiled kid that wants cake non stop and screams for more when it is all finished. I felt quite obsessed when I asked for dessert after indulging on numerous pieces of birthday cake and a full dinner buffet. Oh well, I am back to my healthy organic green lifestyle again, but can a girl indulge every now and then?  Talking about birthdays. Today it's my love Emiel's birthday and I just want to give him a huge shout out for adding another year to his amazingness! I love you darling! You are the absolute best and I am lucky to have you in my life.

About my outfit, I am totally obsessed with earth tones and exotic prints. I don't think the Fall season needs to be boring because of the rainy days and dark skies. Add luxurious prints and warm colors to your closet to brighten it all up.  Curious what pair of shoes I chose with this dress? Continue reading to find out!

Tamara Chloé. Ethnic print dress, Seventies style dress, chanel boybag

Friday, September 11, 2015

Back In The City + New Hair

September 11, 2015

Location: Amsterdam

Bronde hair, Ombre hair, Curly hair, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, Chanel Boybag, Kakhi Tunic Dress, Brazilian Blowout

Hey everyone

After spending all this time in Bali, I am now officially back in Amsterdam. Which is leaving me with mixed emotions. Of course it's great to be back and being able to sleep in my own bed, hug my cat Twinkle and roam around in my kitchen. Being reunited with my closet is also a good thing, because whenever I am away on my travels I do miss that the most. I suffer from a serious case of separation anxiety from my beloved closet every time I am away. I know, I know it sounds kind of dramatic but to me it is. On the other hand I miss Indonesia terribly. The beautiful weather, foods and people are something I could get used to being around for a longer period of time. I am even thinking of giving up my closet just to be there again, now that's true love right?

Now back, I decided it was time for a new hair look. My hair is naturally curly, but I always straighten it with a flat iron, which of course is not great for the health of my hair. For some reason I was longing to pull out my curls again. I went to see my hairdresser and he advised to get the Brazilian blowout. This treatment improves the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The effect will last for a whopping twelve weeks.

 After the treatment it left my frizzy curls smoother and silkier. I was thinking about adding caramel ombre highlights to my dark brown hair. But just to be sure I thought it was a good idea to try the look by adding Luxury For Princess clip in hair extensions in the colors: Chestnut brown and Golden brown to my already long hair. This way I wouldn't have to color my damaged locks, which I am desperately trying to revitalize with weekly hair masks and vitamins. Trust me you need this after your hair has suffered the harsh summer sun rays and heat tools. I will share a post with the products I am using currently soon. If you would like to glam up your own hair with a few pieces of Luxury For Princess clip ins yourself? Use special code: "tamarachloe" for a discount at check out by visiting the site here. I am sure you will love them!

Balinese silver jewelry, Shelac nails, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Printed Greens - Bali Diary Final Part

September 8, 2015

Location: Legian Beach Hotel Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia, LookBook Store Green printed maxi dress, Coin necklace, Myca Couture, Legian Beach hotel, Flash tattoo, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues

Hey everyone

How is your week going so far?  As for me it looks like I am smiling and all happy in these photos , but on the other hand I feel a little sad because this was the last sunset we got to experience on our stay in beautiful Bali. It has been an unforgettable adventure filled with memories that will never fade. I feel so grateful that my love Emiel took me to this paradise where out roots are. For him to show me a world that has always been a dream to me means so much to me.  It was all new and exciting, yet so familiar because of the wonderful people that we call our own. The Indonesian language that I have heard my mom speaking since the day I was born, but I could never understand. Eat the foods that my grandma used to cook and watch the stunning and mysterious landscapes that is truly a paradise. I feel immensely  proud this is the country what my grandparents called home. 

Myca couture, Flash tattoo, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beach Life - Bali Diary Part 8

August 29, 2015

Location: Legian Beach Bali

Hey everyone

With hot temps all year round, Bali is definitely the place where you can hit the beaches everyday. We didn't get the change to visit the more remote beaches, but we were staying right at Legian beach. This spot is more crowded, but I loved it. The ocean has incredible waves which is perfect for surfing and the local Balinese were selling the most amazing stuff. Ranging from sterling silver and fresh water pearl jewelry to all kinds of artwork and yummy foods like Kelapa Muda juice en fresh peanuts.  

We didn't take as many photos at the beach as we had wanted to. Everytime we were there we just wanted to relax and not stroll around with heavy and expensive camera gear. Still a few snaps to give you an idea though. Halter top bikini's have been really trending this summer and to be honest I grabbed this piece on sale a few years ago. Happy to be able to rock it again. Indonesian sarongs are the perfect cover up at the beach. I bought this beautiful batik version near the Gitgit waterfalls. They are really pretty to use as a beach towel too, or when you go for a picknick and use it as a plaid.

Read on to find out about the ten beaches you just have to visit when in Bali!


Friday, August 21, 2015

Pearls and Crochet - Bali Diary Part 7

August 21, 2105

Location: Legian Beach Hotel, Bali  Indonesia

Crochet Dress, Myca Couture, Mise En Dior Tribal earrings, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, sexy model, fashionblogger

Hey everyone

The Bali journey continues and I can't begin to tell you how much we have been enjoying it!  Emiel and I were able to join a V.I.P. party at our hotel which is located in Legian. Unlimited wine and small bites included, even a small band was playing. Dancing till sunset and being able to meet so many fun people. It was the first time staying here at the Legian Beach Hotel and it sure won't be our last. Amazing staff who are all trying to make you feel right at home. Great foods, tons of luxury and authentic Balinese decor. I fell in love with this place!

Today's post is all about this beautiful crochet dress I snatched from a local boutique at Kuta Beach. First I thought it was a little too revealing, but Emiel persuaded me to go ahead and grab it anyway. Apart of being a man and ALL men love see-through crochet, Emiel has an impeccable taste for clothing and a great eye for detail. I love how he sometimes sees pieces that are fabulous that I haven't even noticed yet. He is a rare breed my man!

   Bali is a place where you rarely see the women wearing high heels. Even the western (tourist) women. Me being a fanatic heel lover, I had to get used to that. It seems perfectly logic to me though. The pavements in the streets are tiny. Cobble stones making me slip, fall and eat dirt even wearing flats. The rest of the island is mostly beautiful nature and stunning beaches, so no heels required there either. Only the huge malls (they are fabulous btw) are doable.

 The reason I am rambling about heels is; when I was choosing this dress, my first pick was to add a pair of silver metallic sandal heels I scored at Zara in Ibiza last summer. A nude pair would have been fabulous too. Uuuuuh...NOPE not a great idea here. When it comes to this island wearing heels is just plain gruesome. Thankfully flats are trending, so I lucked out here. I was already imagining myself stumbling and tripping on a wet floor filled with Bintang beer and with a dress like this, the sight wouldn't have been so pretty. Or maybe in some cases (mostly men) it would have been. Picture it!  End result: a quick change of heart, because let's be real!  Heels at a party in a tropical garden and dinner plans at a beach club in Seminyak totally wouldn't have made any sense right?

 Read on to see which pair of shoes I chose to wear with this sexy number!


Saraswati silver bali, Fresh water pearl pendant, Pearl necklace, Flash feather tattoo, Beaded box clutch

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gitgit Waterfalls- Bali Diary Part 6

August 13, 2015

Location: Gitgit Waterfalls, Bali, Indonesia

Gitgit waterfalls, Bali, Indonesia, Tamara Chloé, Black lace dress

On one of our Bali tours we stopped by Gitgit waterfalls which are the largest waterfalls here in Bali. You can find it in the north of the island close to Gitgit village. It took us a 45 minute walk down the trails to get to this amazing spot. Located in a beautiful piece of rain forest, complete with fruit trees and tropical insects it completely took our breath away!

Gitgit waterfalls, Bali, Indonesia